Monday, September 28, 2009

Welcome Guest Author Kate Hofman!

Please give a warm welcome to my fellow DCL Publications author, Kate Hofman. Kate is celebrating two releases this time around and I wanted to showcase her work this week.
Here is a little info about Kate:

Born in The Netherlands, lived in London, England, since I was eighteen.
BFA – Art History, Major. Interior Design, Minor.Moved to Montreal, Canada. (I figured I might as well be paid for being fluent in French).
Married Arnold Hofman, a truly fabulous man. Owned and operated an art gallery for twelve years. Widowed ten years ago by Arnold's untimely death

Hi Kate! Which writers inspired you on your writing journey?
The writer Nina Bruhns insisted that I was a born storyteller! After a while, I did as I was told, and began to write, April 22, 2002. I sat down at 5 pm before a daunting empty screen, and by 1 that morning I had 13 closely typed pages!
Writers I like(strangely enough, not in the Romance field) P.D. James, Ngaio Marsh...
my reading tends more to mysteries (not gore).

Tell us a little about your writing process.
Around 9 AM I open the PC, and start answering my emails. That done, I re-read what I wrote last thing last night. Sometimes, I need to re-read a bit farther back, to get into the spirit of the book. And then I just write what I hear in my head. I am a widow, so my time is my own, I can write whenever I want (This is the only advantage to being a widow that I can see...)
I write around 5-6 hours a day, with the Inbox turned off, so that the little ping! sounds when there is another email do not disturb me.
I like to have the cover done very early on, so that I can write for the hero shown on the cover.

Your cover model for some of your recent books, Julian, is beautiful! Do you consider him to be your muse?
No, he and Bill Freda and CJ Hollenbach are my only models, we are good friends. Julian calls me his Aunt -- Billy calls me his Gram. But as I said in my reply to Q2, I like to get the cover done early on, so that I can write for the hero. Right now, I have a gorgeous photo of CJ with a pink hibisus in his hand -- I am writing Golden Heart - a blond hero, a landscape-gardener, who is asked by one of his clients to be the model in a new advertising campaign...

What are some of your upcoming projects/releases?

On Sept 24, DCL will publish HAWAIIAN INTERLUDE, with a stunnng photo of Julian with a Hawaiian girl model. I had a video done for this novel, you can see it on my website,
Luca falls for Malina while surfing on Oahu.
He is interested in more than a surfing holiday, but Malina insists on keeping things casual.
When they meet on the mainland, Luca tells her he wants it all. Will she realize that Luca's love is forever, or will she still insist on a casual, sexy friendship?

In October, DCL will publish HOMECOMING, again with Julian as the hero. This is a short novel, the story of a famous playwright, who agrees to go to Afghanistan as a war correspondent, writing in depth on what our troops face every day of their lives, and how the Afghan people manage to survive.
Our hero quickly realizes that a man in their circle has the hots for our hero's wife, and is trying to 'get' her - a waste of time, of course.
Jason Hawk, famed Broadway playwright, has just spent a year in Afghanistan as a War Correspondent, writing about what our troops face there, and how the Afghanis manage to survve in a war zone.
He and his beautiful wife, Andrea, had been married only a few weeks, when Jason was asked to go to Afghanistan.
At a dinner party to celebrate his return, he realizes that Dex Hayward show more interest in Andrea than is acceptable.
Dex, used to having his way in everything, follows Jason and Andrea to Ocean Breeze, Florida, where they live.
Will he succeed in separating the happy couple, or will their love prevail?

In November, we will have LOVE FOR CHRISTMAS, a long novella, with Bill Freda and Carey Hope on the cover. This is the story of a divorced couple, who meet, totally by accident, in a hotel in the Quebec country-side. They soon discover that the divorce was a mistake, but after they get together, the woman who hoped to marry the hero after the divorce shows up at the hotel.
Then, also in November, I have a story in a Christmas anthology, SEASON OF LOVE, created by Miriam Newman, a wonderful writer! She has a piece in it, and so has Susan Blexrud, whose FANG books are the best Vampire books I've ever read. And to give a British view of the holiday season, we have Bill Haworth, an exceptional writer of serious fiction.

With all of your new works coming out,how can readers find you on the web? and my website

Thanks for taking the time to be here, Kate! readers, please comment and ask questions, as Kate will be stopping in over the next day or so.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some Thoughts as Autumn Approaches

Hi everyone! Today's blog is just some of my random thoughts. My summer busy season is winding down and soon I will have a little bit more time to dedicate to writing and communing with my fellow author friends. It has been a long summer as far as work goes!

1. Rhode Island Romance Writer meetings started once more and our first speaker was Dr. Tim Warren who is the only Rhode Islander to reach the summit of Mount Everest. His presentation and pictures from his journey to Everest were incredible and inspiring. He was the perfect speaker to listen to as I am getting back into writing mode.

2. Patriots' football season has begun and while watching my boys play the Buffalo Bills on Monday Night Football, I heard the best quote from one of the sportscasters. It is something that be applied not just to football but to life in general. "You play the game to win, not to avoid losing."

3.I have stocked up on reading material for the upcoming longer nights. came through for me once again! Last night I settled down With Annette Blair's Larceny and Lace and ALMOST read the whole thing in one sitting. I love the Vintage Magic series and this was a great second book in that series. Looking forward to Death by Diamonds.

4. Last Sunday, while journeying to Boston for the day, I received an early morning phone call letting me know that my friend's car was broken into and that the three books I had let her borrow were among the stolen items. As a matter of fact....they were the ONLY stolen items! I shook my head in disbelief that thieves would go through all the trouble of breaking in just to take books. Now, I was sad because these were all autographed copies (by Annette Blair as it turns out!) but I figured, nothing else happened to her car, so I kind of forgot about it. On Wednesday, I got a happy email! The books were found, in perfect condition, in a bag thrown in a flower bed in her front yard. Talk about luck! We joke that the thieves were illiterate. LOL

And that is really all the news that is fit to print this time around, my dears.
I am planning on starting my monthly author interview series once again, so if you happen to have a little time on your hands and would like to visit here, let me know!

Have a great week and HAPPY AUTUMN on the 22nd!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Great UnExpectations (How I Spent My Summer Vacation)

That's me hamming it up in Boston on August 30, 2009 Rose Kennedy Rose Garden....getting ready to eat the best Italian food at the St. Anthony Feast in the North End of Boston!

I write this post on Labor Day, the traditional end of summer, although the Autumnal Equinox is still just about two weeks away. Living in New England, you get used to the four seasons, but I am not going to say I love them all equally. Fall, with its crisp, cool air and beautiful shades of orange, yellow and maroon is my favorite time of year.
With that being said, I wanted to hearken back to a time in school where your teachers would ask the class to write an essay about what you did over your summer vacation. Folks, here is my essay about what was the best summer in my adult existence...and i didn't even need a Catholic School nun to force me to write it!
My summer really started on June 20, which was the last day of Spring this year. I was in Chicopee, MA for a Tarot Party and beforehand had a meeting that would change my life and I almost blew it by being a brat. Thanks to persistence and a little bit of (im)patience, things were on a roll after this.
June ended with some forays to Weetamoo Woods, Lizzie Borden’s gravesite and Little Compton. July started with exploring Worcester and a picnic on the river and ended with Patriots training camp (twice!).
Next up is August with road trips to Scituate lighthouse, picnicking again at Beavertail Lighthouse, hiking in the Quabbin reservoir, Shelburne Falls and Adams, MA. August ended with the St. Anthony’s feast in Boston’s North End and the best damned canolli I have ever had.
Now here we are in September…it started in Bristol RI and plans have been made for more adventures and I am SO ready for each of them. I’ve got my hiking shoes laced up, sweatshirt ready and everything I could ever hope for or want in the person beside me. This unexpected stuff is the most precious stuff. I am very thankful for that which I have been blessed.
Dedicated to FP…to infinity and beyond.