Wednesday, October 21, 2009

9 Days of Giveaways From Romance in the Backseat and Naughty in the Backseat!

WOOHOO! Terry Kate over at Romance In The Backseat and Naughty In The Backseat has organized a FUN and FANTASTIC Cupcake Theme GiveAway that I am a part of!! This is what she would like everyone to know in order to take part:


I get to claim a little credit, but there are three other blogs and twenty authors involved. It is a Pink Buttercream Frosted Cupcake Giveaway. It starts October 21st - my B-day and runs to the 30th - oddly enough another of the bloggers Birthday. (The fabulous Cecile from All I Want and More) It is a scavenger hunt. Search the six sites listed daily for the Prize Logos of the day. Find the logo - click on it and enter to win.

Prizes? Cupcakes of course!

We have cupcake hats, cupcake bags, cupcake aprons, cupcake candles, and actual cupcakes that will be shipped to your door thanks to the Cupcake Station.

Throw in a few books from Simon and Schuster and to top it off the grand prize is a book a month for 2010 and a cupcake goody bag!

Wanna play - check out all the details by clicking here!

Want extra chances to win the Grand Prize? Blog about the Giveaway - tweet - Face Book - My Space - Post the cupcake badge and link and let us know about it at Better yet buy a book or item from any of the participating stores or authors and get 10 extra chances to win. Email proof of purchase to the email listed.

All you authors out there I have something Special for you. A chance to win three months of ads on Romance in the Backseat and two lucky winners will receive a banner ad designed by - Creations By Kendra (

I can not wait to hear from you!
Terry Kate

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome Guest Author Coralieh Jensen!

Today's guest is fellow Rhode Island Romance Writer member Coralie Jensen. I had the pleasure of meeting Corky back in June when she attended her first meeting. Let's all say hello and get to know her work...

Coralie travels the world to come up with sites and ideas for her mysteries and women’s fiction. The author of eight novels, she is currently speaking in front of book clubs and bookstores here and in Canada about her novels, Lety’s Gift (2006), Passup Point (2006), and L’Oro Verde (2008), the last under the name of L E Chamberlain, all published by Lightning Rider Press. Her latest novel, Winter Harvest, will be published by Five Star and will be released in the summer of 2010. Two of her short stories won honorable mention awards in the Writer’s Digest 2000 Writing Competition, which attracted over 19,000 entries, and several of her short stories can be found in magazines and in anthologies. A graduate in English from University of California at Berkeley, she now lives with her husband and golden retriever in Massachusetts.

Welcome, Coralie! Which writers inspired you on your writing journey?
Hi, Rachel!I like English mysteries, I enjoy Colin Dexter of Inspector Morris fame and P.D James who wrote the Dalgleish series, and Ellis Peters with his Brother Cadfael Series. Mostly British because the characters are often quirky and the mysteries complicated.

I love quirky and eccentric British characters, as well. Tell us a little about your writing process.
I usually consider the lead character and site first. Have I been to the place and does the character fit? Then I research, research, research, especially if it’s historical or political. I outline the story and then write it.

What was your inspiration for L'Oro Verde?

I traveled to Tuscany and saw the nuns walking the steep hills in the town of San Giminano. I wrote the first chapter on a train from Milan to Paris—before I outlined the rest of the story.

What are some of your upcoming projects/releases?

I’m currently writing a historical romance that takes in England place during the Reformation. I’m also trying to pitch two other finished novels, Midnight Son, a romantic suspense about an American shipping company polluting Baffin Island in the 1970s and another mystery, The Pukeko (swamp hen in New Zealand), about a quirky, very flawed police detective, Gideon Cooper, who is teamed up with a Maori detective to solve a murder of a white woman by a Maori man.

How can readers connect with you on the web?

My website is currently down, but I can be found on Twitter as Corkyhj, and soon on Facebook. My books are on Amazon and under Coralie Hughes Jensen and L.E. Chamberlain.

Thanks so much, Coralie! It was a pleasure getting to know a little about you today.
Readers, questions and comments are always welcomed here. Corky will be stopping by over the next couple of days to answer your feedback.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Halloween, Football and Being Out and About

Hi dear readers!

It has been awhile since I've appeared on my blog. Today it is Football Sunday and I am watching the Patriots play the Titans. Perfect day and night to be home and warm and I'm wearing my new pajamas...fuzzy, fleecey and comfy. The perfect Business Suit of a Writer. I am planning on being in lots of comfy jammies this winter and writing away....

I am pleased to announce here that Yuletide Brides is almost complete and I am relieved to finally finish this story. I've struggled...but one thing I've learned by commiserating with other writers....KEEP GOING. Sort of like in Finding Nemo: JUST KEEP SWIMMING. It is going to be wonderful to move on to the next story.

Halloween fast approaches! Fall is my favorite season, though we are having some strange early winter weather here in New England. It has been a joy to decorate the house with all of the Autumn colors and festive pumpkins. I was lucky enough to go to Vermont and see some beautiful trees and to a Scarecrow Festival in Sturbridge, MA. As a friend in Korea told me "You are in the most perfect place on the planet to spend Fall!" I am still waiting for my first piece of pumpkin pie.

There are some cool things coming up on my blog in the coming week. I have an interview with Coralieh Jensen on Tuesday and I am taking part in the Romance in the Backseat Buttercream Cupcake Giveaway. Link is in the right hand sidebar. The prizes are cool and I hope you will take part in the scavenger hunt!!! Check out my cupcake picture the RITBS site....gotta love the Potato Head look!!

Have a great Sunday night, everyone!!! And I will say, as I sign off.....Patriots are leading the Titans 52 to 0.....I love my boys!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome Guest Author Jan Bornstein

Before my first Rhode Island Romance Writers meeting in September, I had a quick stop at the Borders at a local mall. There was an author setting up for a signing at the front of the store. I always enjoy talking to writers so before I left I introduced myself, chatted for a few minutes and took a card. When it came time to plan my author interviews for the next couple of months, I thought that Jan would be a great guest and an interesting author for my readers to get to know.

Welcome Jan! Tell us a little about your life prior to be a writer.

Hi Rachel!I went to school to become a licensed practical nurse straight out of high school. Ten years later, I went back and became a registered nurse. In the course of my nursing career, I have worked in nursing homes, hospitals, doctor's offices and as a clinical nursing instructor. For the past 18 years I have worked in home care, with positions ranging from staff nurse to director of clinical services. I'm currently a nurse educator in home care. My hobbies include reading, dancing, music and walking, to name a few. I enjoy reading biographies, history, non-fiction relating to abuse, homelessness and other social issues, and romance novels.
I cannot explain what inspired me to sit down and write this series. I certainly never thought of it as a trilogy when I started. I just felt the urge to tell a story. I am a great fan of plenty of rock stars and, as a culture, we are continually bombarded with the intimate – and, who knows, maybe sometimes even true – details of their personal lives. Love is hard enough for us mere mortals. I found myself wondering what a relationship between two giants in the rock world might read like. I decided to create a couple of characters and just see where it might take me. I quickly started enjoying the process. I only told a few trusted individuals that I was writing a book.

I was working as I started writing this, but didn’t particularly like the job, which included a commute that I liked even less. I settled into a routine of writing before and after work and, as I began to feel more comfortable with the still rather novel idea of myself as a writer, I made the decision to quit that job.

I took some consulting and contract jobs of one to two months’ duration. I was still looking for something more permanent, but I wasn’t finding anything of interest – and at the same time, I found myself more and more drawn to spending days at the computer working on my book. Eventually I found myself so drawn to the work that I simply stopped looking for jobs entirely, and gave myself permission to find out where this all might actually lead.

Needless to say, it wasn’t all smooth sailing: I had my moments of asking myself what on earth I thought I was doing, wondering why I was doing it, wondering if it wasn’t going to end up like that other unfinished book in my bottom drawer. More than once I was tempted to hit the delete button. I don't know what or why but something kept pushing me to continue, and here I am now, with one completed trilogy. I still don't know why. Hopefully God will give me the answer soon.

Well, that has been quite a journey from nurse to writer! Which writers inspired you on your writing journey?
Actually there weren’t any writers involved. The inspiration was purely my own. However, I do enjoy the writings of Eugenia Price and Belva Plain just to name a couple of authors.

Tell us a little about your writing process.

I developed my story with new ideas I thought up. Most of these ideas came about when I was walking everyday. I took events from both my nursing career and personal life combined with people I knew or know. I did some research on various topics and visited some of the areas I included. Of course I added a lot of fictional story ideas as well. . When it was finished a friend of mine saw a television show with an editor /publisher team talking about their self-publishing business. I obtained the name and phone number and made the call. After meeting with the editor and discussing so many issues she agreed to work with me.
During that time I researched publishing options. I chose to contract with the self-publishing part of the team. They obtained my copyright, ISBN, distributor and set up my website. Then the publication was done.

What inspired you to write The Song Trilogy?

I have always liked music and love stories. I was in a bookstore and had just finished looking at books in the romance area. I walked by the music section and started looking around. It suddenly occurred to me I couldn’t remember seeing or hearing about any books involving a love story between two singers since I saw Barbra Steisand and Kris Kristofferson in A Star is Born. I went home and checked for any online but couldn’t find anything. That inspired me to write one.

What are some of your upcoming projects/releases?

I’m working on a sequel to The Song Trilogy. I don’t anticipate it being ready for sometime. I don’t have as much time to dedicate to the writing as I did before so I’m doing it as often as I can.

How can readers find you on the web?
They can find me on my website. My books are also featured on, barnesand and many other sites. They can also do a google search and will find several other sites as well as events and projects I’ve done.

Jan, I want to thank you for taking the time to be here today. It certainly was a pleasure to both meet you at the mall and have you as a guest here! Readers, comments and questions are welcome and appreciated. Jan will be stopping by to read and answer questions.