Friday, July 16, 2010


The new blog that I will be contributing to is live!
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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Little Guidance

Good afternoon, folks.
I am still in my A/Cd little cave while this humidity lingers on, but believe me when I tell you that it's getting old fast. Autumn is being wished for already.
I have been feeling an old restlessness lately that is quite familiar to me. It's that restlessness and nagging voice inside my mind that spurs me on to, if not bigger and better, then at least different and exciting things.
I am sure that most people, especially aspiring and/or new authors, realize that the royalties from your first endeavour probably won't afford you a comfortable living or in some cases, a tank of gas LOL. Most of us have a totally unrelated job/career that pays the bills and allow us to eat.
Some of you might know that I have a keen interest in metaphysical subjects, astrology and the Tarot. I think of them as tools that can make us ponder a question and see other points of view. So, when I had a brainstorming session with myself and came up with an idea, I had a one-card reading done and was pretty surprised that the information in the card I picked was DEAD ON to my situation.
This card was from the Enchanted Tarot deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber.
My card...The Nine of Wands....Description of the card from their website ( A confident goddess-like woman stands on a stone pedestal holding aloft two chevron-tipped wands through the sheer discipline of her will. She is preparing to send them flying, tip-first, into the ground, as she has already done with the other seven wands, to complete a barrier of protection at the mouth of her cave. She hesitates to complete the job, realizing that she may be as much a prisoner of her efforts as she will be secure. This is the dual nature of discipline. The flower above her, however, radiates sun-energy and health of mind and body, so she will make the choice most appropriate to the situation. Her decision may be at variance with commonplace judgments and moralities, but she is not swayed by the opinions of the multitudes. She is always ready to face opposition strengthened by the courage of her convictions. Her base is secure.
The card's advice: You must gather and maintain great strength in reserve. Prepare to defend your position, even if it is unpopular with those you respect. You may have to bide your time but stay faithful to your purpose. Apply techniques of strict military-like discipline to the development of your strength of will, character, and body because the time of challenge approaches. Just remember to temper your strength with the knowledge that it is to be used to meet a challenge.

To me, the reading was confirming what I already had in my heart and mind. Change is in the wind and I feel excited. So thanks, Amy and Monte!!!

And, to be clear, I am NOT giving up on writing. My new idea will allow MUCH more time and energy to be devoted to that pursuit. As a Gemini, the nervous butterflies in my stomach are exciting and I have a feeling the changes coming will be very good for me.

Anyone else pondering trying something new with their life? Where or who do you go to for advice?

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's A Blasted Furnace Out There!

Hello all!
We here in Southern New England have been in the grips of a heat wave this week. Hazy, Hot, Humid. I finally gave in this morning and moved all of the computer stuff into the bedroom, which is the only room with an A/C. I might as well be comfy.
After quite a few week's hiatus, I've pulled out the story I was working on. Might as well make use of all of this leisure I have this week and finish. Unfortunately, procrastination has been a companion of mine in 2010.
I will be contributing to a new blog that is in the works with my fellow members of Rhode Island Romance Writers. Be on the lookout for a link!
I have been a reading fool lately, which is fine because my TBR pile has been huge for quite some time. I'm averaging 3 books a week. and currently reading Meredith Duran's Wicked Becomes You and loving it! It was a total accident that I discovered her two years ago. I won her first book ,The Duke of Shadows, in an online contest and LOVED it. I enjoy her style. Her books are definite keepers for me, joining the ranks of Annette Blair and Virginia Henley on my shelves.
What books have you read this summer?
That's all for now, folks! Stay cool!!