Wednesday, May 11, 2011

No Hope for the Soap...Is the Era Over?

A few weeks back ABC announced that All My Children and One Life to Live were going the way of the dodo. I am not a watcher of either of these shows but have been known to tune into Days of Our Lives on occasion if that happens to be the time I am eating lunch on any given day.
In the 80s, I would get to my grandmother's house after school and she would be watching One Life to Live and General Hospital. As soon as the final credits rolled on GH, the phone would ring and it would be one of her sisters calling to chat about the goings-on during the show. The sisters loved their 'stories' and this went on for years.
Now I see that AMC and OLTL are set to be replaced by talk-shows and it got me wondering if people are no longer interested in following soaps anymore because there are too may characters to follow? Have the conflicts gotten old and the writing stale? Are people all suffering from ADD with a need for rapid-fire bites of info as on fast-moving talk shows?
I realize that soaps started as soap-company sponsored radio serials to entertain women who worked in the home and to help their days go by quickly. Most of their targeted audience are working during the day , but we have DVRs. People almost never watch shows when they are aired now, preferring to schedule their TV time.
My last thought and the question I pose to you:
Have our own lives gotten so complicated that the drama on soaps pales in comparison?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why I Loved The Royal Wedding

Wednesday, May 4, 2011Why I Loved The Royal Wedding
OK. I know some people will roll their eyes at this post as I have have noticed there has been some pooh-poohing of the nuptials of Prince William and Kate Middleton. I LOVED EVERY SECOND of it all!
After comparing wedding footage of Diana and Charles' doomed marital ceremony, I was so happy to see that love shone from Will's and Kate's faces as they became man and wife. No arranged marriage here.
Here are some things that I thought about as I watched the goings-on at such an early hour.
1. This was a happy occasion! Much the same way I felt the wedding of Charles and Camilla was (I like her, despite all the hoop-la around Diana) Anytime I see two people who want to be around each other, I am happy.
2. Kate brings style, class and poise. She conducts herself soberly. She is a great role-model in the bare-all, declasse celebrity culture that is so popular today.
3. No one does pomp and circumstance better than the Brits!
4. One must think before donning a silly hat that will be seen by billions of people and ultimately have its own Facebook page. (Hint hint Beatrice)
5. I was 7 when William was born and he has grown up before my eyes. When he smiled on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, I still saw the little toddling boy holding Diana's hand.
6. The newlyweds are choosing a quiet life as they start their marriage. The little town in Wales where Prince William is stationed is far-removed from the spotlight. I think these two will last.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Because It Needs To Be Said...And Often

"E-Books OutSell Paperbacks For the First Time In History" proclaimed various headlines this week.
So, I must ask, if this is the case, WHY are e-book published authors not given the recognition that authors who are published by the traditional, big-house publishers receive?
I have heard of writers who belong to groups for years who keep holding out for the big break, the big contract from New York but who have nothing published. Are they holding on to the idea of being 'elite' while wasting their time not taking e-publishing seriously?
I have seen writers who have several titles out in various ebook publishing houses whose accomplishments are passed over. Are they any less writers than those pubbed by Kensington or Harlequin?
I have to admit to scratching my head. Times have changed, but there are still groups who will not recognize their e-pubbed writers. Isn't the goal to get your work in readers' hands? Should we care if the hands are holding a paperback, hardcover or a Kindle?
I can only feel that by pushing e-pubbed authors aside and ignoring their success, these groups are alienating producers and experienced authors.
Any thoughts, friends?