Sunday, July 24, 2011


After an interesting debate with someone who had never read Gone With The Wind (and doing my best to convince her she should read it) the question came up if I liked the two other books that were based on Margaret Mitchell's famous tome. I thought for a minute because I wanted to give her an answer that I felt did the other two books justice.
"They're different."
"How so?" she asked, reading the dust jacket on Rhett Butler's People.
"In that book, we see the story from a completely different point of view. In Scarlett, nothing is the same as in the original. Not the setting, not Scarlett's attitude, not even the characters."
"So they weren't as good?" she asked.
"They're different," I said again.
Using these particular books to evidence my preferences, I can say that I love to see my favorite characters grow and mature. I like when they stretch themselves and test their limits. I realize that perhaps there are consumers looking for pure entertainment would might enjoy the same, regurgitated story (a la the The Fast and The Furious franchise)
When you read sequels or prequels (or even watch sequels and prequels if you are a movie buff) do you always want the same flavor as the previous story? Or are you craving variety?