Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Two Weeks Into 2012

Well, after much trouble logging into this blogspot account ( I was on some deranged loop that kept returning to the sign-on screen) I can finally post my New Year salutations. Sorry it's late, but it was written during the Patriots/Bills game on January 1. Carry on!
Happy New Year, friends! I wish each of you a great 2012 filled with health, success and prosperity.
I've got a bit going on in January. If you've spent any time in the last month looking at my blog, you'll have seen a few product reviews. I'm part of Influenster and have enjoyed trying new products for the holiday season. We'll see if I'm chosen for any more sampling in the coming months.
My photography has been doing well and I have placed first in two contests with two of my pictures. Very unexpected! I never thought I would be into photography as much as my writing, but I've found it to be another great outlet for my creativity.
I know I haven't mentioned my foray into self-publishing in the past, but back in October, I used a pen-name and sent some of my scribblings out into the real-world. My big conundrum now is whether or not to rework it a bit and publish under my own name. After all, most people know me under this name.
Our winter here has been unremarkable. We've had no measurable snow and really no cold days to speak of! I'm not complaining! On January 1, I saw people wearing flip flops and sweatshirts when we would normally have thick wool coats and boots on. Groundhog Day is just about two and half weeks away and I'm crossing my fingers that the big storms stay far, far away.
My nights this winter have been filled with lots of reading and I've been getting through two or three books a week. And you can count me in the masses of people who are hooked on Downton Abbey!
That's all the news that's fit to print from my little corner of the world.
How is everyone enjoying 2012 so far? I've been reading great news and accomplishments in the Facebook and Twittter feeds!
PS...Next blog: The wrap up (FINALLY) of my Disney trip :-)