Sunday, March 25, 2012

By Jove! I Finally Finished!

Finally, Yuletide Destiny is complete. At 1130 last night, the final character was placed by the blinking cursor on this computer. Am I happy? YES.
I won't bore anyone with extraneous details, but let's just say that I struggled mightily to write this until I refused to be a writer who left stories unfinished or unpolished.
Onward to the next incomplete manuscript....

Saturday, March 17, 2012

What I’ve Learned in this Crazy Life

An article I wrote for my writer's group newsletter, but wanted to share!

I’ve been lucky enough to know a variety of different people in my adult years. As a somewhat sheltered small-town, Catholic school kid, the homogenous group that I knew didn’t really allow for much exploration in my world. Gradually my circles expanded to include a Brooklyn transplant who built casinos in Las Vegas, an older businessman from Michigan and myriad others from all across the world. Some I took on as mentors, others were just friendly acquaintances, but all of them taught me about life. Here are some things that stuck with me.

1. Keep your ego out of it. Things go so much more smoothly when you can look at things objectively and see that 99% of what happens to us isn’t personal. I struggled with this, but I’m getting better.

2. Do your job. This comes from the great New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick. Every day, as soon as we get up, we do our job. Everything will work smoothly if we do all that is required of us.

3. Stay focused. Keep your goals in mind and (#2) do your job and work to get to there.

4. Compete only with yourself. It does you no good to think that the other guy has something you don’t. Emulate those that are successful, but don’t think they’re better than you are. Take your accomplishments and better them.

5. Stay humble. One of my favorite quotes is ’Be humble or be humbled.’ That rise to the top can end with a spectacular fall and you’ll want someone at the bottom to be there to catch you. You won’t have one if you’re insufferable.

6. Stay kind. This goes right along with Stay Humble. None of us achieves success without others cheering us on. Give back to those who give to you.

7. Do your best. Do nothing half-heartedly. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well. The lesson here is also to learn to say no. You cannot consistently do your best when you are stretched too thin.

8. Refuse to let drama into your life. People will bring it to your doorstep in buckets. It will eat away at your positive outlook and empty your creative stores. Keep it out and keep your eyes on your goal.

9. Be curious. Learn something new each day. Whether it is a new foreign word or some random fact, we continue to grow when we continue to learn.

Carpe Diem, writer friends!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

100th post!

Good morning, folks! This is my 100th post here on the blog since 2009. Thank you all for taking a bit of time to read my random scribblings over the years! Onward we go...

While this is to be a short post, it is not insignificant. Over the next few weeks, I'd like to take some time to give back to the wonderful writers that I know and showcase their work. Their support of me has been great(sharing Facebook news, buying my work, being first-readers, offering opinions on my covers) Here is the first batch to get some thanks. Stop by their sites and check out all they have going on!

Christine DePetrillo and I met Rhode Island Romance Writers and I'm happy to say I've enjoyed everything that I've written by her! You can find information about her releases here

Blanche Marriott and I share a love of hummingbirds and woodchucks. When I read her Born To Bitch e-book, I discovered we also find the same types of people annoying. Read all about Blanche here

More to come next time...for post #101 :-)