Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Ultimate Hookie Day Part 1

I'm in this Walt Disney World frame of mind right now and was looking at pictures from some of my trips. One such trip: Ultimate Hookie Day, taken on March 1, 2001.
Now I'm not too sure how many people know about this whirlwind trip. I'm sure the ones that do know think the whole thing was nuts. Eleven years later, even I think it was a bit bonkers, but man was it some kind of fun. Fun that can never be repeated if I tried.
I was online on February 26, 2001 when an instant message appeared on my screen. My good friend (let's call him Rickie to protect privacy) asked what I was doing. "The usual," I typed back. "Looking up some stuff on Disney."
"Wouldn't it be awesome to just hop on a plane and go?" he asked.
"Ya! Haha. We should totally call out sick from work one day and just go for the day. Hahahaha." I played right into the pipe-dreamishness of the suggestion.
The next word that came through surprised me.
I paused before answering.Rickie must be joking, too.
"All right. We can take the first flight out in the morning and take the last flight in. We can hit all the parks, do all the big rides!"
A few minutes went by. Rickie wrote back. "My parents have one day left on each of their parkhopper passes. We can use those." (Before the biometrics tied you to your ticket)
"Rickie, are you serious? You want to do this?"
"Why not?"
Why not, indeed.

Continued in part 2 :-)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

And another trip around the sun begins....

So I type this during my last few hours before I turn another year older. *sigh* Sometimes, time drags but mostly I wonder where it goes. It seems no sooner than we ring in the new year that it's my birthday.

I feel good about this last year. I met some important goals and got back on track writing. The work on my photography endeavour has gone well. Even the day-to-day grind has been fruitful! I can move forward with motivation, new goals and the confidence to make them real.

For those who've been by my side, cheering me on, THANK YOU. For my friends, family and clients: YOU ROCK!!!! I look forward to all of the fun the next year is sure to bring!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Amazon Rankings

I bit the bullet a few months ago and self-pubbed one of my stories (first person fiction) on Amazon. I admit I haven't done much to market it and sales have been slow. Part of that is that I'm not happy with the cover, but I'm working on having another cover created to jazz things up a bit.
So, this morning, as I sipped my coffee, I checked my reports and after having sold ONE copy yesterday, my ranking went from somewhere around 669,000 (hahaha) to around 129,000. So I'm scratching my head how one sale can move a book up in the rankings that much. Seriously?  What makes a best-seller then? 10 copies sold? When Litha Dreams came out in March 2009, it was a bestseller on I have the printout of that screenshot somewhere and I always wondered how many copies sold to reach that point.
Anywho, that's my thought for this morning. If anyone wants to weigh in on the great rankings question, feel free! I learn something new everyday about the self-pubbing arena and your thoughts and opinions are always welcomed!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Yard Sale Find: The Rules

Does everyone remember a book that was published back in the 90s called The Rules? Well, someone was selling their copy at a yard sale I went to. For the astronomical sum of 10 cents I walked away with a copy that looked like it had never been read...Hmmmm....

I perused the book, wondering why people were up in arms at the time it was published. I remember Oprah had the authors on her show and hearing that the advice in this book was tantamount to 'game-playing'.
I have a different opinion, but perhaps if I had read the rules in 1995 when I was the ancient age of 20, I would have been outraged, too. However, when you're nearing 37 and have some experience in your life, this book is not nearly as scandalous as it would seem.

Basically the rules can be summed up in ONE two-part rule: Don't make a man your world and have a busy, interesting life filled with YOUR interests. The Rules  decrees that you have standards, stick to them and not be desperate. Not a bad lesson. I looked the authors up after I found this last week and they still have a website AND other books so there still seems to be a market for this.

Thoughts on this 17 year-old book, friends? Discuss.....

Happy Wednesday!