Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Ultimate Hookie Day: Part 2

Rickie and I always seemed to bring out the kid in each other and as soon as I agreed to the Hookie Day it was all systems go.
I was in charge of booking flights and I did indeed book us on the first flight out from Providence on that Thursday and the last flight in (arriving at around 1130). Rickie booked a rental car and got the tickets from his parents. I told three people about my plans: my then-husband and two close friends at work.
Time moved slowly and then....
It was THURSDAY! Commence hookieism!
Hubster drove us to the airport and dropped us off about an hour before our flight. It was about 6 months prior to 9/11 and all of the new travel rules. I joke today that we would have been flagged as security risk as we A) had no luggage  and B) booked the return trip on a different carrier for the same day.
I went into the ladies room with my cell phone twenty five minutes before we boarded to call out sick (HAHAHAHA) I had to time it just right as the airport announcements would occasionally come on to "remind passengers NOT to leave baggage unattended in the terminal." If the announcement came on while I called, my gig was up. I made up an excuse about eating crab rangoons and being sick (lame I know) but it worked and I was free!!!
The roughly three-hour flight went smoothly and I can still see Rickie's face light up with glee when we saw palm trees on the monorail at MCO in Orlando. I had just returned from my ten day Disney vacation in February, but he hadn't been in years. This was EPIC!
At the time, the Crocodile Hunter was popular and once we picked up the rental car, we spent the half-hour drive to Epcot yelling out, "Crikey!" and just enjoying the excitement that came from doing something that no one else that we knew had ever done.

We parked in Epcot and then........

Continued in Part 3 :-)