Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th Blatherings

Good day, all! I have another Friday to myself which is wonderful. Quite a rare thing to have for me and to get two in a row and in the summer is a miracle!
I figured I'd stop by with some bits and pieces about what I've been doing lately.
1. Yuletide Destiny(Book 2 in the Mackenzie Series) is still in edits with DCL. During my time waiting for the suggestions etc... I finished Book 3! The Beltaine Wager had a read-through from a respected author friend and I'm ready to submit this next installment for your reading pleasure. She loved it and I hope you will as well. I wrote the first 1500 words of Book 4, tentatively called Mabon Treasures.
Since people have asked about the titles of my books, yes this eight book series will each have the title of one the Celtic holidays. Why is this significant? The gypsies which play a part in the stories celebrate these days and their meanings are relevant to the books. Litha (Midsummer's Night/Summer Solstice) was a perfect day for Litha Dreams with dreams being part of the plot. You will see as you read them :-)
2. I wrote a 'guide' about a subject that I am quite knowledgeable about under a pen name and self-pubbed to Kindle.To my surprise, it reached Amazon Bestseller status in its category, hitting #28 at it's highest point. Quite interesting to me!
3. I'm working on a short-story for inclusion in an anthology with several of my fellow Rhode Island writers. I am so excited to see what we all come up with and the cover design when we are ready to release.
4. On a Disney-related note, I got free dining for my upcoming trip. Woohoo! I'm already making lists of things to photograph, as well. I try and pick a new part of the resort to explore each trip. One of my choices this time around: exploring the Polynesian and Grand Floridian.
5. I've cut way back on my Internet time, which just might explain the explosion of new writing lately. I don't miss it. I'm not much a TV viewer in general during the summer, so there is another distraction gone.
6. Since the hot weather started, I've read an average of 3 books a week. My guilty pleasure lately? I started reading the Gossip Girl series. (I know, I know, I was late to the game as the series ended in 2008 AND they are Young Adult fiction, but who cares?) They are well-written and since I love series, perfect for summer reading!

That's all for now, folks. I'm off to do some research and to write. Happy Friday the 13th....go eat some ice cream.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Ultimate Hookie Day Part 3

Oh. my friends I apologize for the length of time there has been between posts. I've been quite busy and since today was a day off for me, I had some time to scribble.
I left you as we parked in the Epcot parking lot. We grabbed a bus to Animal Kingdom. As we rode to the park, I made a time-chart showing how we could fit in everything that we wanted to do. Thus far, we were totally on schedule.
Once at Animal Kingdom, we raced to Dinosaur. We rode once, Rickie was terrified. He was shaking as we left the building and asked if we could skip Disney MGM Studios as he didn't think he could handle Rock N Roller Coaster or Tower of Terror. So MGM was off the list. Back to Epcot we went.
We had beavertails in Canada for lunch (mmm healthy LOL) and saw Off Kilter. We rode Imagination, Spaceship Earth and El Rio Del Tiempo. Test Track was down for refurb, which was a disappointment since Rickie has really wanted to see this (at the time) new ride.
We hopped the monorail to Magic Kingdom. We rode Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Buzz Lightyear, Space Mountain, Carousel of Progress, TTA, Big Thunder Mountain. We shopped, took pictures on the Mr. Toad Flivver that was near Main St and then headed back to Epcot to get the rental. Our flight was leaving in just about two hours.
We sped down the highways, giddy that we had done something no one else that we knew had done. We checked in at the airport, flight was delayed 45 minutes. We breathed a little easier knowing we had some time to spare. The flight home was uneventful.
When we arrived at Green, we parked way out on the tarmac. A stairway (like when the president gets off Air Force One) was wheeled to the plane door. Rickie and I descended, he waved like the Pope and then dramatically knelt to symbolically kiss the ground. Our Hookie Day was over.
NOW, I'm often asked if I would do this again. The answer is NO. But not because of the rushing.
Air travel is not the way it was pre-9/11.

What's the wildest thing you've done to get your Disney fix?