Tuesday, September 18, 2012

DIVE...into our new anthology

Earlier this summer (and by the way, where DID the summer go?) I was asked to write a short story for an anthology with three other Rhode Island authors. My story, Unfathomable, will be in DIVE: A Quartet of Merfolk Tales,  release date September 25 (in one week!) only on Amazon. We've all written four very different stories and you'll get a mix of both the lighthearted and the dark, not just romance, though even in the darkest story love does play a part.
So why write about merfolk? What makes a mermaid or merman interesting? As you will see, the answer to that question is everything. Just as we humans all have a story to tell, so do they.
Here is a just a little bit more about our stories....
DEEPER by Christine DePetrillo
Crystal Bawle wants to sleep, but every time she closes her eyes, the drowning nightmare seizes her. Water is everywhere, and she is swallowed. That deep blue ocean wants her, and she’s getting too tired to fight.
Doctor Ray Taimen has spent too much time on land, but he can’t let his people down. His messages of marine health need to be spread to protect his kin and home. There’s no time for distractions, especially from an exhausted human.
When Ray falls ill, can Crystal reach deep enough to save him?
Just so you know, all those stories about mermaids being perky and adorable like nautical cheerleaders are crap.
Just ask Evelyn "Evie" (rhymes with heavy) McFagan, alcohol-fueled funeral director, and all-around lousy mother. In a coastal New England playground, some crazy new chick, named Nomia just spoke to Evie telepathically…or did Evie put a little "something-something" in her coffee again?
Or maybe this time, despite her husband’s insistence that she seek rehab, Evie’s onto something—something fishy.
Snooty playground mom, Marla, has gone missing and Nomia was the last to see her.
Coincidence? Or does the village have a killer trolling around?
Evie is determined to get to the bottom of things…or the bottom of a nice bottle of bourbon; whichever comes first.
Maybe she should stick with the bourbon, because as Evie dives deeper into the mystery, Evie starts to discover that mermaids are not nice…
UNFATHOMABLE by Rachel E. Moniz
Just another sunny, summer day on the coast of Rhode Island...
...until the boat crashed.
Scared, alone and filled with regrets, Theresa Gordon waits for rescue, her guilty thoughts her only company. As the last remants of her sanity slip away during the dark night, rescue comes in a most unexpected form.
Troy Williams has searched for the one woman who can save him and thinks Theresa might be the one...if only she believes his unfathomable story...
BLOODY DEPTHS by Joseph Mazzenga
Maren’s home was the ocean that she loved. An oceanographer, she lived her dream of being one with the sea until the day an ill fog rolled in to change her life forever.
She lost everything she knew - her family, her friends and her humanity.
All that remains is her love of the sea, and a fading hope that the humanity within her can be saved by the caretakers of the ocean that no one knew existed.

See you in the water!