Saturday, April 20, 2013

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Hi everyone,
It always seems that my to-do list says "Write blog post" and then I get busy and that doesn't happen. Tonight, though, I've slowed down enough to put my thoughts in blog form. A nice change of pace from my normal routine. I type this as I visit Sean, sitting on his deck, surrounded by lots of happy, Springtime green in the state of Mississippi. I love it here. I love the air, I love the trees, I love looking up and seeing more stars than I can count. It's the country at its best. And I feel relaxed, much more than I usually do. It's when I am this relaxed that I can really concentrate on my creative side.
From September 2012 through now has been a period of writing activity for me. I've had three books released and I have one more waiting on a publication date. I am currently working on the fourth story in my Mackenzie family series and I am planning to finish it while here in MS, where my Muse seems to be. We will see where this new story goes.
The Beltaine Wager (book three) was released on April 11 and joins Litha Dreams and Yuletide Destiny over on Amazon . I also got my new book cover for the upcoming Fourth of July anthology. Take a peek!
My story in this anthology is the World War Two story that I talked about in another blog post. It is an era that I've always wanted to write about because of the stories my grandparents had always told. I hope that my respect and admiration for the Greatest Generation comes through in my story, 

With the traveling that I've been doing lately (and the time that I've had on the planes and waiting in the airports) I've been feeling nostalgic for the way flying used to be. Remember the good old days when you were served something more substantial than a measly two cookies or tiny pack of pretzels? Remember thick, hearty sandwiches and hot breakfasts? I felt lucky the other day when I flew down and the flight attendant gave me a whole can of orange juice. Sad, isn't it?
This week has also been a tragic and crazy week in the New England area with the Boston Marathon bombing and the subsequent standoff, search and final kill and capture of the men who terrorized the city. To say I am glad that it is over would be an understatement. My heart goes out to all who were affected. I am proud to say that Boston stood strong, a testament to our New England spirit.
I looked at the calendar and was surprised (OK, shocked, really) that May is just about upon us! Being that May is my birthmonth, I treat it much the same as I do January 1st, a time to look back on my year and forward to the next. I want to make my next trip around the sun a great one.

That's all for now, folks. I'm loving this peaceful Saturday night and want to enjoy the heck out of it! Happy weekend all!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Cleaning!

After a particularly long and miserable winter, I hope I am not tempting the snow gods when I say: SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!

And we know what that means...Spring Cleaning!

I do enjoy cleaning out the house and opening the windows to let fresh air in and four months' worth of staleness out. And isn't it amazing how fast the dust bunnies accumulate during the winter?!

My big peeve during the Spring overhaul is floors. No matter how much I vacuum, there always seems to be stubborn grains of sand that were tracked in that are just NOT sucked into the Hoover.

SO...what are YOUR biggest cleaning gripes (doesn't just have to be Spring cleaning, but even throughout the year). What areas of concern or annoyance do you have?

Let me know!