Sunday, August 18, 2013

Oh You're A Writer...Why I Need to Be Better Prepared When Traveling

It is becoming increasingly clear to me that I need to be better prepared when I travel. Inevitably, I talk to people in the airports and on the planes and we make small talk. Their eyes light up when they hear that I am a writer and they always wants to know more.
On my last flight down to Mississippi, I was seated next to a very nice lady who asked about my binder full of writing educational handouts. I told her I was a past member of Rhode Island Romance Writers and  I got to chatting about how Rhode Island has many accomplished writers. She was very excited and asked if I knew another Rhode Island author. It turned out to be Annette Blair. Small, small world, but then again Rhode Island is a small, small state!
I've sold copies of my anthology DIVE while also in the airport. People are relaxed and away from their daily routines. They want to escape! Another girl bought one of my ebooks in the airport sitting next to me...on the Kindle she had to stave off her travel boredom! Woohoo...airport selling rocks!
BUT....for those who do not have the Kindle to instantly get my stuff or for when I don't have a hardcopy book with me to sell to people I think I need to be better prepared.
Writing my name down on a piece of paper seems sloppy. I like business cards, but they're small.
Postcards? Tri-fold brochures? Bookmarks?
What should I get to handout while traveling?

Saturday, August 3, 2013


Better late than never to see put DCL Publications's The Fourth of The July  anthology on their list of recommended reads for the The Fourth Of July. Thanks,!