Sunday, November 24, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, The Cleaning Guide and More...

Even though my local radio station started playing Christmas music right after Halloween, this is the week I consider the official start to our holiday season. It sure feels like Christmas is on its I type the wind is gusty and the temperature is a not-so-balmy 25 degrees.
This Thanksgiving my grateful list will not only include my family and friends and my wonderful honey Sean, but also opportunities, a fresh new year and possibilities. I am ready to seize 2014 and make it great.
2013 has been a busy year with loads of traveling, making transitions and experimenting with new things. I've read more (yay!)  I've written more (yay!) and I was able to focus on the important things in my life. This makes me happy, happy, happy :-)
I'm simplifying my life and getting rid of clutter. Paring down to the basics feels good! Less emotional baggage, less material stuff and a greater sense of freedom.
I ventured back into self-publishing with the release of my cleaning/household guide. A few of my clients had encouraged me to write down my tips and advice. Seemed like a good idea to me...I could help others with a simple routine and product suggestions. And so...Quick. Clean. Tidy was written.
I've done more with my photography and plan to expand in the coming year.
I am writing the fourth book in my Lochaber series (yay for Catherine and Faolan's story!)
These are all things I will bow my head and give thanks for this Thanksgiving Day.
A big THANK YOU to those who read my blog, support my endeavors, read my books!
All of you are on my thankful list, too.
Wishing you all a peaceful and Happy Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

What Have I Been Reading Lately?

The answer is...lots of non-fiction! I have stacks of romance and young adult books waiting to be read, but I keep buying memoirs and biographies.
Last month when I was at Books-A-Million, I found a copy of Kitty Kelley's book The Royals at the rock bottom price of $2. The gossipy tone of this book gave me a case of the giggles and some of the outlandish secrets that were revealed were eyebrow-raising! Was it worth the $2? Absolutely!
I read Si Robertson's book Si-cology 101. Being a Duck Dynasty fan, I figured I would take a stab at reading this short book. It is mostly anecdotes and Si-isms, quick and easy to get through!
I bought Disney Legend Marty Sklar's book Dream It! Do It! and enjoyed this one very much, especially since I am a Disney fan. He has the great distinction of having worked on all of the current Disney Parks all over the world. A treasure trove of experience!
And the most cringe-worthy book of all........Mommie Dearest by Christine Crawford. If you've watched the the book! So much more to shake you head in disbelief at, a true page turner!
What have you been reading lately????