Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Behind the Lens: Annisquam Dawn

Annisquam Dawn
Taken January 2010
Wigwam Point, Gloucester, MA
The morning that this photo was taken was frigid! I had numerous layers on when I ventured out in the pre-dawn hours to get to the lighthouse in time for the sunrise. Despite the biting cold, the lighthouse and the area around it were peaceful. It is quite a simple lighthouse, not much fluff or decoration. I suppose that anything as practical as a lighthouse should speak to its job of being a pillar of safety for the boating community and Annisquam Light does just that. The beach area that surrounds the lighthouse is no longer open to the public, but in 2010 you could park quite close to the beach and explore.
I love the hint of pink at the horizon in this shot and the blue glow of the lighthouse itself. I aimed for memorializing the simplicity of this morning and I believe I captured that moment.
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