Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Fall In Love Anthology: A Newport Thanksgiving

When I was asked to write for this anthology and given the theme of Thanksgiving to incorporate into the story, the first place that came to mind was Newport, RI. In August of 2013, I went to a birthday party in Newport that was held in a converted 'stately' home. The setting stuck in my head and I decided that Newport would feature in an upcoming writing project.
Writing for anthologies is fun, but also a bit challenging. Especially when you have to establish a connection between two would-be love interests in a short story. In  'A Newport Thanksgiving,' I've attempted to create a believable story in an intimate setting for Laura and Anthony. The time is 1914, the place is Newport. 
It is the Gilded Age in a locale where all of the elite gather to display their vast wealth, but their social consciousness is evident, also. Alva Belmont (nee Erskine Smith and then married to William Vanderbilt) was indeed a passionate supporter of the women's suffrage movement and did hold rallies at her Marble House property. This, to me, was a perfect setting for Laura and Anthony to meet and bond. It is an exciting time period, with so many changes occurring. 
Happy reading! 
Fall In Love will be available November, but I invite you to preorder your copy today.