Friday, April 29, 2016

Why I Still Love Disney

My last trip was in February. I'm ready to go back. Yes...even with the price hikes and changes...
I've read so many complaints about the costs rising at WDW, even grumblings from people who state they will not go back, it's the prices, its the crowds etc etc etc.  I happily renewed my Annual Pass last month and am ready for more adventures this year. I'm not going to be one of the boycotters. And I will explain why. 
In a nutshell: I keep my costs low and plan! 
For the record: I do not have children, therefore I do not pay for anyone else but myself while at the parks. Also, I do not, generally need to consider what other people want to do as usually my travel partners and I discuss what we would like to do beforehand. 
1. I am not someone who stays at the Deluxe resorts, or even moderate. I'm happy sharing my value room at Pop Century with my mother, who enjoys WDW as much as I do...or with My SO at one of the All Stars. My needs are pretty basic: bed, bathroom, place to store my stuff. I'm not looking for a home away from home. If I want a taste of the deluxe resorts, I take a monorail to the Grand Floridian, listen to the orchestra, and relax in the beautiful atmosphere there. 
2. We do not eat at sit down restaurants every day. We plan one or two nice meals while we are there and have our favorite quick services in each park. And the food at the quick service spots has improved over the past couple of years, so we don't feel like all we eat is fries and burgers. I do not eat breakfast when I am at WDW. I eat lunch at 11 and dinner usually around 4/5. For me, that choice is simply because I do not enjoy being over full while I walk the sometimes 10 plus miles a day in the parks. 
3. Crowds don't bother me because I go so much if I can't get on a ride, it's not a big deal. I pick my Fastpass attractions for the day and hope I get the premium rides, if I don't, no biggie. I say next time and go to something else. There are still plenty of things with no wait or a short wait. Try something new, or something you'd previously thought might be boring. You'd be surprised. People watching can be an enjoyable 'attraction',too. 
4. The annual pass is a beautiful thing. I'm set for a ticket costs! I know my break even day, I know my discounts, and I use them! It's why I can do three or four trips a year. 2015/2016 I had 22 park days, saved a lot of money on merchandise and food...and enjoyed myself! I realize this is not practical for everyone, but for me...yes it is. 
5. I plan each day. Usually a month before I get there. I don't mean just dining reservations or Fastpass, I mean a basic plan of where we will be, what we will try to see. My idea of stress? Go to Disney without a plan. Wake up late, with no idea where you end up. Then complain because you don't have time, the lines are too long, I can't get into a restaurant etc etc etc
6. Take a mid day break. If you get up early enough, taking a two hour break at the hotel won't cut in to your time. 
When will I  be back at Walt Disney World? I'm planning for October. 
How do you feel about the changes at WDW?  

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