Monday, May 23, 2016

Wearing Many Hats...Why Being a Virtual Assistant Rocks!

One of the things that drove me bonkers when I worked in the cubicle jungle years ago was the stagnancy of the traditional work environment. The bland beige of the cubicle walls, utilitarian floor and wall coverings...the homogenized misery of it all. I worked processing Workers Compensation bills and straightening out problems.
The work I did was ok, though sometimes even the monotony of that would put me in a bad mood. We had data entry quotas and I would generally finish my day at having reached 150% of that quota. I was a hard worker, but I always felt that once I reached my quota, send me home. ( I know...wishful thinking...)
So now I wear many hats, each day is different and work doesn't seem like work anymore.
One day I am producing newspaper ads for a client.
The next I am writing blogs and other website copy.
Yet another day might see me entering Quickbooks transactions or even...listing things on Ebay for a client.
I thrive when I can use my talents and do what I enjoy. And when my clients needs are met, there is nothing better than the recognition I get which was not my experience in the corporate cookie cutter world.