Review Snippets

Review snippets of some of my writing. Some selections may not be currently available, as noted.

A Little Bit of Love Valentine Anthology
About The Great North Woods Cupid-"Well-written as a short story, this addition to the anthology was worth the read. Another 4 star rating here…and I will certainly read more by this author." Zara B.- We Read Romace

"A LITTLE BIT OF LOVE..has a little paranormal but mainly contemporary romance. We have four talented authors giving us Valentine stories. If you are looking for a quick read, these short stories are the perfect thing." Reviewed By Gloria  Gehres for Livia Holton's Review Newsletter. Rating 4

The Beltaine Wager (currently out of print)
"For those enjoying a sweeter romance (no graphic scenes here) this is worth a read!" Amazon Review
"Interesting and quirky characters make this book fun." Amazon review

Fourth of July Anthology
About I'll Be Seeing You-"I haven't read many war stories, so this one was a bit new to me. I found myself wanting Frank and Betty to do what they wanted before he leaves. I also cried when Frank was injured. I'll Be Seeing You have so many emotions in such a short story. I was very happy how the story ended."
Anthology overall-"4th of July anthology is a great book that contains several nice stories that are just the right length...I would recommend this book to anyone." Julianne Keller,Reviewed for For Whom The Books Toll, 4 1/2, Warm

"The Fourth of July has it all" 4 Star Rating, Gloria Gehres, Livia Holton's Review Newsletter

"The Fourth of July is filled with six wonderful stories by six incredible artists that brings joy, love, romance, and some twists and turns to delight any reader." Linda L., Fallen Angel Reviews

"Denise Alicea, Kate Hofman, Ellen Margret, Rachel E. Moniz and Mary Alice Pritchard have each done a wonderful job of conveying their message" DiiMI, Amazon and Barnes and Noble Review

DIVE:A Quarter of Merfolk Tales (currently out of print)
"If you're a fan of Mer-stories and you enjoy good writing - and there is plenty of that from each of the contributors - then make sure that you dive into Dive."- Howard T. Parsons Jr. on Goodreads

"The writing was excellent and each story had a different spin on mermaids." M on Goodreads.

Yuletide Destiny (currently out of print)
"I found the characters fun to follow, the dialogue well-executed and the manner in which the plot unfolded to be quite endearing" Amazon Review
"Fun, quick read, with interesting characters and just enough suspense to keep me reading!" Amazon Review

Litha Dreams (currently out of print)
"An enchanting tale of two people who meet in dreams of passion." 5 Heart Review,  Dee Dailey, The Romance Studio
"This is a wonderful story that is well written and very imaginative." 4 Cup Review LeeAnn, Coffee Time Romance
"A clean, crisp, whimsical read" 4.5 Book Review, Buttercup, Long and Short Reviews

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